Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Early Spring Stroll with Family

We decided to fling the old rubber band kite around on our walk around the neighborhood.
It was a crisp and fresh smelling evening full of smells of thawing earth below our feet and yet still cold as we see it under our breath. 

We came back from our stroll to find the familiar flag raised on pole beam in front of our house. An awesome reminder of how lucky that we feel to live in such a country of freedom and liberty. This idea still defended by our fellow citizen in arms. Thank you to the ones who serve and still serve and to those who support them!

Our aspens are budding like the pussy willows getting ready for longer days and summer haze. For tea and shade on the front porch rockers, while we emerge ourselves in a good novel or two! I can already smell the lavender and chamomile blooming under my nose. 

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