Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Journey Home Series

I started a series, which is not something that I generally do. I like to paint things that come to me as I wish. But I was without a car for two weeks and decided that me and my two boys would walk home from school and work when it got over at the end of each day. It was a magnificent experience and made me feel lucky that it happened. I was so use to driving my car this winter. I wasn't sure just how well the boys would adjust to walking home. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that they loved it! It gave them and I a chance to get reconnected at the end of each day. It was an adventure for us all. We felt free and alive. Not confound to the routine of driving the car and letting that rule our needs. Normally we would have went straight home and started their home work and made dinner. Then put them to bed. Which to me always feels so rushed. Thank you for the wonderful blessing of being without a car for two weeks!

Here are the first two paintings in this series of The Journey Home. The things that the boys and I collected on the way. Enjoy!
 The Journey Home No.1

  The Journey Home No.2

  The Journey Home No.3

 The Journey Home No.4