Monday, August 22, 2011

Montana Moon Gazers

This is the title of my newest pastel. I haven't done pastels in years and thought that it needed a go. I titled this picture "Montana Moon Gazers," because it was originally meant to be the tree line just bellow the Sapphire Mountains but the more that I glanced at it, it was as though they were gazing at the moon too! Where the trees gazing? With one's own imagination you may see that the trees are actually people or maybe even owls! Of course there is no limit to the human imagination. I also saw upon completion that the left cloud looks like a rat. My neighbor and good friend thought she saw a cougar. What can you see? I hope you enjoy and give me your personal feedback about my picture.

Thanks for stopping in I hope you enjoyed,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pebble paintings

I took a walk on the morning of my husband and mine's 10th Wedding Anniversary and found these three pebbles and couldn't wait to take them home and paint them. The first is What I call a heart within a heart. The second is  a pebble with two crosses and a third is a heart shaped pebble. Enjoy! Abby