Monday, March 21, 2011

Where did the time go!

I've had my computer down for over two months! It's been sad as I have been unable to keep everyone up to date on the things that I have been doing. I have a while to get all caught up with you. I made this dress for a friends daughter and just received a photo of her wearing it and she looks very proud of it indeed. I will be updating you all now more frequently as time allows.

My sister and I will be setting up a booth at our local farmer's market this year! So her and I are putting the finishing touches on our plans for that. Looking forward to a very busy summer! I will keep you all posted on things that we are making for it. My sister has her own etsy store that sell's jewelry using antique and unique items. She fashions the most magnificent jewelry out of crystal that we personally dig up by our family and friends in the summertime. You can find them in her shop at:  or at our local farmer's market this year

Glad to be back on board and I will be posting more of my projects and patterns soon! So be on the look out for them.

Happy Knitting,

This was a free pattern and is available on the internet at: