Friday, June 28, 2013

Hidden Treasures

I have this old Klutz Kids Cookbook that I got for my first son when he was born so that he could help me out in the kitchen when he got to be old enough. I remembered a recipe that I made out of it for both my boys one morning called Buried Treasure Muffins. They loved them because I made the dough and then used a teaspoon of raspberry jam that was enveloped by the it when baking in the oven. This created the buried treasure in the center of it for the kids to enjoy as a little surprise. It also suggested to make fortunes and insert these in the muffin before baking. I chose a permanent non toxic sharpie marker and some brown paper bag material to do this. I made some fortunes up of the top of my head and these where the results:
1. A favorite person will offer you advice today, so listen.
2. You have the power to make somebody smile.
3. You will become a very confident reader( I intended this one for our youngest because he has been struggling with it for some time and I wanted to boost his confidence. Unfortunately I could not find the muffin that contained this specific fortune to give it to him, so I had to leave it up to fate that he would get this one, and to my amazement he did).
4. You are going to have fun with someone special today.
5. Watch, wait and listen someone is trying to tell you something.
6. Speak your mind someone will be listening today.

Make up your own fortunes, use any recipe for muffins and have fun with it!