Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sheep

This is my sheep painting! Finished it today. Second in a series of farm animals. I have labeled at the bottom of each painting the English and Latin words for the animal that I paint. I spent a lot of time looking online and through my local Bitterroot Library to find those words. Each painting is sketched then loaded with color washes and then layered for a detailed effect and finally using an archival black pen I add the lines to make it look like stain glass. An idea that I thought of earlier this Winter.

Haven't quite figured out how to take really great photos of my sketches yet. Working on it though. 

Here are the initial washes of The Sheep painting. 

This is the final of The Sheep. These designs originated with the intent to make them into note cards. I am however making it available for purchase as well. I hope you enjoy! By the way I have some very exciting news, now that I have my new camera that also takes videos,  I am looking into making some videos of me actually doing my watercolors as well. Something to look forward to!!! ENJOY!!!

Abigail Turner

Sunday, June 24, 2012

God Bless America!

We just spent the last two days indoctrinating ourselves in the founding fathers and hero's of our great country! Our two day Cub Scout Camp for our boys was out of this world! Wait til you see all the photos!

For the two days my boys had the pleasure of meeting these important founders and hero's! Non of course are in the order that they did them in. 

 At the Chief Joseph Station they learned about him and a hands on activity of how to shoot a arrow out of a bow.

 Jim Bowie taught them how to sharpen an ax and to carve an animal out of soap bars. 

 I love the buffalo!

 The boys are all anxiously awaiting their instructions.

 They learned about George Washington Carver at this station as well as making and sampling Sweet Potato biscuits.

 They Learned about Lewis and Clark's Adventures and made their own journals, which I hope my boys use this summer!

 All the wonderful things that Abraham Lincoln did as well as make top hats for themselves. 

 Learned about Audubon's famous watercolor paintings of the birds and how long it took him to put them together. They made a snack bar for the birds to feed off of. 

 Thomas Jefferson had a lot to say about the things that he did in his lifetime. There was not a hands on activity here at this station.

 I'll give you two guesses as to what the boys got to do at the Davy Crockett Station.

 Gavin's anxiously awaiting his turn at the group flag!


 The scout's oat. This was placed on a block that held an american flag and a scouting flag. 

 They made kite's at the Franklin Station.

 This pit was made for all the Dutch Ovens that were placed in it for our lunch which was chili and cornbread the first day and then fried chicken and jo jo's the second day.

 A special treat! The Montana National Guard flew in from Helena and talked with the kids about the great American Hero's!

 This man was Johnny Appleseed. In case you all didn't know the Bitterroot Valley was one of the largest suppliers of Apple growers in the United States. 

 They even marched in a parade for Heritage Days in Stevensville, Montana singing "God Bless America" all the way down Main St and won a Blue ribbon in their category.

 All the boys received American flags which they waved around for the parade.

 The G-Unit(Garrett and Gavin)

 Garrett flying his pocket kite.

 The illuminating thunder clouds approach.

 Must've  been his first time on a cattle guard with his bike!

 One of the numerous things that we do for amusement in Montana!

Yes, this is a real Cow Pie!

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the photos posted on my blog. There are sure to be more soon, so be on the look out!

Abigail Turner

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Rooster

This is a sneak preview at my newest collection of paintings. The Farm Animals will be a bright and vibrant collection and will appeal to a large audience. I heard once that we are only 7 people away from knowing everyone in the world! So I figure someone knows someone who loves everything to do with farming, right? Well that sounds about right as far as I see it. 

 Here are my initial sketches for my Rooster painting.

 I fill in color for the entire piece then go back over it all with an archival waterproof pen.

This is the finished painting which will be made into archival prints! Hope you liked visiting my Rooster. There will be many, many more farm animals to come. SO be on the look out!