Saturday, April 16, 2011

Riding the Camel

This photo was taken over 13years ago. I went to visit my sister in Phoenix, AZ for her 21st birthday. I went with my other sister and my mom. We took a trip to a nearby zoo and I think that it was a bit of a dare to have me try it. I think only my younger sister and I tried it though. Not everyone was game for it. I would love to say that I rode an Elephant by the time that I am 50. I guess I have a few years to go yet. They certainly are magnificent creatures.
I went through about 300 or more photos today all consisting of my Grandparents Retirement adventures. I organized them all in categories and will start painting my watercolors again soon. I haven't had an art show since 2007. I think that I am feeling motivated to do it again.

Happy Painting!