Monday, October 4, 2010

St. Paul's Episcopal Blessing of the Animals

We do a blessing of the animals every year. This year was a specially fun because our pews where outdoors. There was a nice variety of dogs and other animals including several bunny rabbits and a beautiful chicken. I managed to take a photo of most of the animals but not all for my camera was failing me. Its very old and the last photo that I attempted to take was blurry, I tried three times. Might be time for a new camera! Just before our Priest started to bless them one of the rabbits got loose and there were about 12 people running after it. It was saved just in time for its blessing though. Here are the results from the blessing of the animals, enjoy!

He's Bruno

She's Bruni (short for Brunhilda). She especially needed blessing because the next day she was to go into the OR (operating room) to get her teeth pulled! Ouch!!!!!

She's Tana (short for Montana)! Tana was so excited to be meeting so many animals. Yep, she's a social bug! I had her by the leach for a few minutes and she had the strength to pull her own sled.