Friday, March 8, 2013

Summer Mystery Collage Class 2012

My first eager students!
I felt so fortunate to have such talented students to teach. 

We like to get our hands dirty when we paint!

We also like to do sculptures with our erasers while in a painting class. This was her pony that she made while waiting further instruction. 

Here are some of the results of our Mystery collage pieces based off of one of my favorite artists Chuck Close.
The empty canvas awaits!
My stack of puzzle pieces to organize and arrange on canvas. 
Here they are ready to be set on the canvas.
I think the back is almost as pretty as the front. 
Here is the finished collage of Mr. Marcus Daly,The Copper King of Montana.
Here is his lovely wife Margaret Daly.
These were the original photos allowed to me for the purpose of this class. The are not to be copied in any way without permission from the curator of The Marcus Daly Mansion
I wanted you to see what the kids had painted before I cut them up into tiny little pieces for them to make their mystery collage from. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing and can't wait to show you a preview of what we will be doing this year for our Summer Art Kids Camp!


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