Friday, March 29, 2013

Migratory Birds and Wildlife

The Red Winged Black Bird is always a sure sign of spring!

A pair of Canadian geese.

I don't know what this little fella is but he sure is cool looking. 

I had to photograph these white tailed deer.

My husband spotted this male pheasant!

Not sure what this guy was up to!

I had to look this up on the internet when we got home. Apparently this is the time of year that they establish their pecking order. This must be done before they can mate with the females. I think that the big guy which seemed to be hanging around these two in the process was the official referee!

My husband called to this one and he called back and in the process got himself puffed up for me to take this photo of him!

Some kind of hawk I think.

All this and more we saw at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. It is an amazing place located in Stevensville, Montana. If your near the area or think you may want to visit this is a must see opportunity!  

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