Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reminiscent of Summer Part 3

The first official American settlement

This dragonfly came to greet me near were archaeologists are still digging for treasures! 

John Smith

An example of a structure that would have been build during that time. 

A beautiful view!

This was an old well that was filled up with garbage and covered. Who knows what kind of treasures may lye beneath its' surface.

The old church, still standing after being burnt down once and then rebuilt.

Inside are a whole bunch of these memorial plaques. 

I love the old timber framed arches and woodwork.

This is apart of the original church that didn't burn down.

I love this one of the fence and the British flag.

A snapping turtle to say good bye to me on my way out near the bridge.

Hope you enjoyed viewing a small part of my summer. 


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