Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Great Apple Harvest!

Here is a harvest straight from the heart of the Bitterroot Valleys' ancient orchards. My family and I have the unique privilege every fall to harvest these very tart wonderful apples from my friends' property. They are wonderful for pies, applesauce and my all time favorite is this delightful applesauce coffee cake that I got years ago out of an October issue of a Martha Stewart Magazine.

Here are my wonderful photos of our harvest and farm tour!

These ladies were ready for the runway! They were not shy in the least!

We came to harvest a bit late in the season. Like say after the 2nd or 3rd frost, when it should have been after the 1st. Oh well....they were still great apples. Only problem is that we need to use an apple picker to reach the things because what was left were all about 8-10' high. Thank goodness my husband is so tall!

This apple picker was a handy little device!

Polish Rooster

I love little apples with stems!

My husband after a good choice pick of 2 or 3 good looking apples.


The harvest plus something that my friend called apple mint. Which I have dried and will try in my teas latter on this winter.

After harvesting these apples and spending the latter part of an additional 4-5 hours in the kitchen making 2 gallons of applesauce, 4 apple pies and a beautiful applesauce coffee cake it was time to put up my feet and have a nice hot cup of tea! 

Thank you honey for making this harvest possible!


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