Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reminiscent of Summer part 2

After coming home of three weeks over on the east coast and exploring more than half a dozen museums, state parks and civil war battle fields, what a joy to come home and discover this new music video "Some Nights" by the band called FUN! 

Enjoy listening and watching this video as you explore my vast array of photos that I took while in Gettysburg, Sharpsburg, Manassas, Fredricksburg, and Williamsburg.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Little Round Top and The Devils Den.

Mass Grave site near were Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg speech.

Early morning sunrise on the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial site.

Gettysburg Field near the railroad tracks. Just one of the many reasons brother fought against brother.

Sharpsburg, Maryland

Bloody Lane

Irish Brigade Memorial near Bloody Lane

The Peach Orchard and corn fields of Antietam.

Burnside Bridge, Antietam Creek

Here is where many lay dead after the battle of Burnside Bridge.

The Battle of Manassas or Battle of Bull Run (depending on which side you fought from)
If you were from the South the battles generally where named after the closest town. If you were from the North it was generally named after the nearest river, creek or stream. 

Just a peculiar tidbit, this is the battlefield near where my husband grew up. The date of the first battle is on July 21st, 1861 the same day that my husband and I were married just 11 years ago! Our 10 year anniversary was their 150th anniversary of The Battle of Bull Run. Strange or maybe not!

The Stone House, where many of the wounded were cared for.

You can still see were a mortar shell landed.

A view from the inside.

Bridge on Bull Run.

The Sunken Road

The house that still stands with bullet holes and all!

Worn a bit from tourists sticking there fingers in it. 

This is an original wall that is still standing!

Richard Rowland Kirkland, "The Angel of Marye's Heights"!

I found this little guy next to the rock wall. If you can just imagine how tiny he was compared to the clover that he is next to!

Although these next set of photos are in Williamsburg and really need to be in my colonial parkway section of my blog, I felt the need to add it because of the music video at the top. I swear that the horses and fence in this video are the same one's in these photos that I took from Colonial Williamsburg, VA. So pay close attention in the video then have a look at the photos and tell me if I'm right!

Enjoy, Abby

Well what did you think they in the video or not?

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