Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making an Impression

I have been following this amazing watercolor artist for about a year now named Geninne Zlatkis. She has an amazing blog and recently wrote this fantastic book that is worth every dime! She made a suggestion in her book to make tags out of hand carved stamps. I used a fragile stamp that I made a while ago for my etsy flat mailers. Which I was using block ink for. I decided to purchase some pigment ink instead and make these tags for gifts. A direct inspiration from Geninnes' book Making an Impression.  It's full of so many of her own designs and ideas for you to explore your own imagination. She even encourages you to go for a walk and get renewed by your own surroundings to be inspired for your designs. I love that about her book! Well she has certainly inspired me to make my own impression. 

I was limited to the stamps that I could make because I have only a few colors now and green was one of them. So, I thought why not make a kiwi! I also had black so I made the seeds too. They really turned out too big but I think that the affect is kinda cool though.

Thank you Geninne for writing this amazing book and being such a huge inspiration to me and so many others!

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