Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Mason Dixon Christmas socks!

I am so excited to tell you all that Ann one of the authors of Mason Dixon's Knitting Outside The Lines wrote me this morning and has included me in her website. She was so pleased to see all of the different varieties of colored stockings, she said that it made her smile! That is so awesome. She should be smiling because the book that she wrote with her friend Kay is excellent! It is a lot of fun and I love all of their comments that they wrote in it. I especially love their swiff mop cover and the comment about the dog being flipped over and earning his keep. My boys and I laughed hysterically when I read that to them while we were looking through the book together. They are 5 and 7 years old.

I finally finished my stockings and made my loops at the top picking up 5 stitches evenly on the stocking just on the side and knitted an I-cord by using a double pointed needle and knitting the stitches and rather than turning them around move the needle to your left hand and pulling the first stitch tight knit them again always on the same needle, never turning it. I did this for 4 inches then picked up the beginning of my cast on stitches and knit those casting off as I went.

Here are my boys Christmas stockings, done just in time. My boys love them too! I just hope that Santa's bringing lots of Oranges to stuff these, they are a very generous size. Of course I did use size 5 needles rather than 3's like the pattern states originally. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a very merry holiday!

Happy Knitting,


  1. Hey! Those look great. They are so warm and inviting looking. I bet Santa couldn't wait to fill them!
    We had a wonderful Christmas and as always, I gathered more berries for my basket. (my analogy of memories)
    Happy New Year. I'm writing up a review on the booties right now. I'll have it published today!This will go along with this one. I had the bright idea to change my comment form to disqus and it really messed up my existing comments. It changed existing comments to my name commenting. So far I haven't found a fix, except the good old delete button. Happy New Year

  2. Love these socks, and the great names! Thanks for the picture... it will inspire me to knit some Christmas socks for my family.