Monday, October 11, 2010

Photo shoot with my sisters!

I was so excited to get together and have a photo shot with my sisters. I didn't realize just how much fun that it was going to be for us all. We had a blast! As we took the photos, my youngest sister laughed so hard I couldn't believe that she could even continue with it. I started to model and I became extremely goofy. It was a contagious feeling of happiness and much laughter. So here are the result of the shoot. This was for my etsy store by the way. These are not on any other website. Just here to share with my Re*New fans! So you can see just how silly and goofy that I can get.

This is of me and my sisters which my sisters son took(he is only 4 years old)!

 Me trying to show the size of the crystal necklace that was extracted from Crystal Park near Polaris, Montana. You can find this and other jewelry on my sisters etsy site: Soon to be added to her store so be looking for it. She also has an amazing bracelet all made from these Crystals. I think they are so cool!
 Yep, having a bit of trouble getting this one on. No, I am not drunk. Well maybe with much laughter!
 A bit to far down on my head I think. What do you think?
 Preciously funny!
 This one made my sons and I nearly pee our pants off!
 This one too!
 Cat Woman or something, I don't really know what I was trying to do here, except to be really silly!

 There I go again puckering my lips! Seems to be a common thing for me!
 This is what I call my ridem' Cowboy stance! Way to goofy for me. I can't believe that I did that. That one almost made me pee my pants with laughter. I didn't even know that my sister took this one.
Little Miss Pris! I call this one my delicate petite pose. I am not really sure that this is me, but it was fun to pose for it at any rate!


  1. I love these photos, wish there was more of the three of you together. Abby, this is exactly how I remember you. You have always had a fun loving nature with a dash of silly.

  2. Thanks Kimmy! Angela laughed more than any of us. Ruth took most of the photos with her camera and I just got down right silly. I don't know what happened. I know what you mean though. If there where I would post those too. Maybe the next photo shot will be even sillier!