Thursday, June 10, 2010

Custom orders anyone??

I was really slow there for a while in March and April then I received two custom orders! How awesome is that? Anyway one is for a wonderful lady from the mid-west that has commissioned me to do an acrylic painting for her based off of the one listed on my etsy store called "Where night meets day" which by the way was painted from a couple of photos that I had taken of a beautiful sunrise a day or two before Christmas Eve one year. This painting will be different from the one listed as it will have softer tones to it and the size is a 20 X 30" as appose to the 36 X 47" one listed. Anyway I am about almost half way through to completion and was excited so far about the results that I wanted to share.

I also just got a custom order to do some denim baby booties! Only the size is going to be 6-9months instead of the 0-3months like the ones that I have listed. and since this is for an older baby I though that it might be appropriate to do a slipper bottom on it. What do you think? Since most babies like to start crawling and standing up by then.

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