Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sheep

This is my sheep painting! Finished it today. Second in a series of farm animals. I have labeled at the bottom of each painting the English and Latin words for the animal that I paint. I spent a lot of time looking online and through my local Bitterroot Library to find those words. Each painting is sketched then loaded with color washes and then layered for a detailed effect and finally using an archival black pen I add the lines to make it look like stain glass. An idea that I thought of earlier this Winter.

Haven't quite figured out how to take really great photos of my sketches yet. Working on it though. 

Here are the initial washes of The Sheep painting. 

This is the final of The Sheep. These designs originated with the intent to make them into note cards. I am however making it available for purchase as well. I hope you enjoy! By the way I have some very exciting news, now that I have my new camera that also takes videos,  I am looking into making some videos of me actually doing my watercolors as well. Something to look forward to!!! ENJOY!!!

Abigail Turner

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