Monday, August 30, 2010

Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival

  This was such a wonderful treat for our family to attend this event in our beautiful Bitterroot Valley. We went all three days and our boys had an absolute blast! We purchased them some double handed swords(wooden of course). Which they played with for hours. I only wish that our camera could hold more memory on the card. I missed taking photos of the Athletic Games. Which was definitely one of the best highlights of the festival for me and my husband to watch. Lance said he is defiantly entering into the competitions for next years games.  We also enjoyed watching the Highlands dancing free forms and competitions on Saturday. It was a bit drizzly on Sunday with the rain and all, but they had a Sunday morning service under the main tent where they blessed all the Clan Tartans at the end. I became a bit tearful when our son Garrett walked up with our Tartan and proudly placed it on the table to be blessed. I did not get a photo of that but it will remain in my memory for always. Thank you very much to all the organizers of this event in Hamilton, Montana. I hope to see you all next year!

That's Gavin with his double handed sword ready to strike anything that moves!

I loved watching these talented ladies compete. These where my favorite competitors. Such athletes they were. I am looking forward to seeing them again. 

The little boy Vikings!


That's us holding the Lamont Clan Traveling Plaque. The couple that has it now is one of the vendors and is from Arkansas. We were lucky enough to be apart of that journey!


Ah, yes dinner in front of the Angus Mohr stage. Gavin's got a spider web painted on his face. Too Cute!

This was apart of the opening ceremonies. Here you will see the Pipers and Drummers leading the clans out at the end of it. Enjoy! I hope to see you all at next years festival!

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